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Bespoke Application Development

Get a complete database solution and advanced software development

e-Celtic is one of the leading backend partners for companies who are always seeking for bespoke software development, SEO and database solutions.

Since launching in 2002, our mission has been to deliver certainty and quality in our work to achieve sustained advantage for our 1,000+ clients across 4 continents. Headquartered in Dublin, the company employs in excess of 70 staff, offering local reliability with global delivery distributed over four offices. The experience and knowledge of our team ensure that we are side by side of the latest technologies to best recommend you on implementation, strategies and approaches.

We are involved in bespoke application development for its different customers across the categories like manufacturing, healthcare, HR, education and finance, legal and sports. e-Celtic understands and has imbibed the skills that is needed for the proper execution of a bespoke application development project. Each of our bespoke application developer is trained with a proven track record and offer flexibility, risk management and cost benefits to your business through bespoke application development.

We specialise in bespoke application development and provide world class software products. We now have several products that we are actively providing to clients in a very diverse range of sectors. Some of these now form almost separate entities in themselves part of the wider e-Celtic group.

  • PRMS
  • PRLinkR
  • Parish Accounts
  • e-Minutes

We are all aware of the fact that the success of a bespoke application development can be judged only on the basis of the completion of the requirements which is gathered.e-Celtic brings you the best process to work for your bespoke application development in order to reduce the development period and the cost.

Our bespoke application development solutions comprise of software development and web development services such as:

  • Custom Software Development in Microsoft & Open Source Technologies
  • Bespoke application development for specific business processes.
  • Software Design
  • Agile Methodology
  • Software Programming
  • Software Applications Development
  • Software Consulting
  • Web Development in Open Source (LAMP) or Microsoft technologies
  • Mobile Application Development for Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.

What can we do for you?

  • Optimize ROI from new, aging and legacy software application systems
  • Bespoke application development can increase your online marketingreach when integrated with web-enabled applications
  • Process-oriented development that ensures methodical approach
  • Bespoke application development address gaps in the applicationsfunctionality provided by commercial packaged
  • With bespoke application development you can address specific business processes unique to your business or to your client