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Bespoke Application

Web 2.0 & SAAS App Development

Software as a Service (SaaS) Today’s business world demands that business owners quickly adapt to a changing environment.

Each business is unique. So its style and requirement. Your distinct business workflows need Bespoke Application to meet all your custom requirements which no standard application can provide.

e-Celtic is involved in bespoke application development for its different customers across the verticals like manufacturing, healthcare, HR, education and finance, legal and sports. Since launch in 2002, we have delivered solutions to our 1,000+ satisfied clients across 4 continents. Each of our bespoke application has a proven track record to offer flexibility, risk management and cost benefits to your business.

Our Bespoke Application Highlight

image003 Custom Business Solution: We provide you web based or standalone bespoke solution as per your requirement. We deliver cross platform solution with the use of latest and efficient technology. Our expert technical & functional consultants give you most cost effective solution tailor made to fit your business need.
image005 Mobile Workforce Solution: We provide you a smart solution to help you get closer to your customers. With our tablet based workforce solution your location independent workforce as well will always be connected to customers.
image008 Enterprise Application Integration: Get rid of managing complexity & diversity of your various existing applications. We help you easily manage your enterprise applications through custom built integrated solution.

Key Benefit of e-Celtic Bespoke Application software

  • Understanding : Our expert project management team research your requirement and consult for further improvement right from the start.
  • Communication : We make designers, developers, marketers available to you to improve and help communication ensuring our accountability to our deliverables and deadlines.
  • Synergy : At e-Celtic we mix your requirements to right technology and methodology to reduce the development period and cost.
  • Technical Expertise : Our expert development team uses latest technology and solution for making your solutions.
  • Quality Assurance : We follow best practices to implement quality testing and control so that your bespoke application run on desktop, handheld or mobile as and how it requires
  • After Project Support : We offer continued support after delivery and a warranty period on our work
  • Optimize ROI : With our efficient and highly customized offering you can easily get improved and optimized return on your investment

Our Solution:


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We are here to serve your need. Please contact our business development team for our solution for you.

‘Complete’ e-Commerce Solution

Online business is a fast growing phenomenon around the globe unleashing enormous growth potential.

Common man is increasingly turning to internet to make purchases, thus lending support for this amazing business mode to grow further. There is unlimited potential to be tapped online way, and firms with cost-effective and reliable ecommerce solutions are taking businesses where they can grow the most. For joining the massive pool of buyers and sellers on the net, your business must have a platform to join to reap with fast-growing ecommerce.

Ecommerce solutions are executed by most web site design and development companies. In fact, right from designing, development to content management for electronic commerce are altogether are known as ecommerce solutions. Such solutions are easily availed through a formal ecommerce solutions provider.

Joining the internet has turned into a norm, as no one wish to miss out on prospects to make money. At present, almost everything is sold and bought through online mode, and ecommerce is already a rage. Interactive and well designed websites further help the cause of businesses in a fine way, as they are the starting point to join the race. An ecommerce solution provider brings everything in place, right from website designing to final hosting to make things almost viable for any business.

A good ecommerce solution provider provides comprehensive ecommerce software solutions to your business. First of all, a website with imaginative graphic designs and various marketing tools is launched. Just by having a website online, your business makes its presence felt. Thereafter, it starts gaining by the various ecommerce services and solutions. Any of the ecommerce sites typically has online shopping cart integration, secure transaction tools and merchant accounts to make the business workable.

Just like offline product promotion, the websites online are advertised with SEO services. The purpose of promoting a website is to increase its visibility so that it gets more business. A promoted site tends to fetch more profit and more business than the rest.

The site with all essential ecommerce software solutions, including product catalogues and shopping cart, online transacting through credit cards, catches the attentions of users from across the globe. And like the usual mode, if any of the items is liked for its features or for authentic use, there tends to be a transaction. With effective ecommerce solutions in place, there are enough security measures in the site itself for sellers and buyers to transact with credit cards.

Web Development & Maintenance

Website Designing, Development and Maintainence

Creating a visually stunning website that will give a lasting first impression is important.Providing clients with high quality, creative and professional website designing services has been aspecialty since 2002. A website can be put to various uses and at e-Celtic we understand that, so our web designers design websites that translates our clients’ dreams into reality. Our website designing service is aimed at delivering a complete range of web solutions to individuals as well as organisations.

Each and every web designer at e-Celtic has provenexperience in the field of web design and development and it is their design skills that help us provide high quality, innovative and cost-effective web solutionsalong with complex database integration and e-commerce portal to our clients.

Despite the rising importance of social media and prevalence of internet users, web designing still remains a much undervalued resource by companies. A good web design can draw in potential clients, differentiate your brand from competitors, convert the prospect to a customer either directly or indirectly, build customer loyalty and win business through the converted customer’s referrals.

At e-Celtic our web designers have their finger on the pulse of the web and are particularly focused on website designing that is aimed at increasing online sales directly or indirectly or have complex requirements enabling automation of business processes.

e-Celtic work directly with companies who are looking to maximise the potential from their online presence. Despite the rising importance of social media, websites still remain a very undervalued resource by companies. A good website can draw in a potential client, convert the prospect to a customer either directly or indirectly, build loyalty of the customer and win business through the converted customers referrals.

At e-Celtic we have our finger on the pulse of the web and are particularly focused on developing websites that are aimed at increasing online sales directly or indirectly or have complex requirements enabling automation of business processes.

e-Celtic uses a cross discipline team across usability, SEO, design, marketing, developers, operations to give a holistic site that helps achieve the business goals of your organisation.
Basic features of websites developed through our website designer service are:

  • Compact, simple & fastest in any network
  • Minimum downloading time through any browser
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Easy and well structured navigation
  • Secured and password protected sections
  • Hierarchical access on website objects
  • Website Promotion
  • Efficient content management of the site

Web site promotion is a collection of techniques which promote your web site so that it will appear at the top of the listings of a search engine results page for your chosen keywords. As a result it will reach a greater audience and consequently provide more coverage for your business.

We can advise on the necessary techniques and strategies needed to achieve this.

Contact us today and discover for yourself what our website designing service can do for you.

Website Optimization & SEO

Digital Marketing

eCeltic provides search marketing services that optimise websites using best practice SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques. Our objective for clients is to attract visitors online while keeping acquisition costs as low as possible. We combine technical and marketing expertise to deliver campaigns that bring targeted traffic with intent.

The technical complexity and power of Google means getting your search marketing campaign right needs help from a proven provider. eCeltic has worked for over 1,000 clients worldwide in promoting their sites online. The practical experience in analysing the statistics and trends of this data has helped us improve our knowledge in the evolving field.

How to get to the top of Google?

There are two ways to get to the top of Google, the easiest and most expensive option is through AdWords, which is a form of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement. These ads receive approximately 20% of clicks. The other 80% of clicks from search queries are on the organic listings that are displayed according to Google’s algorithm. There is no silver bullet to ranking high in Google however the technical structure, design, content and links to the site all influence the ranking.

PPC versus SEO

PPC is renting a position on Google’s first page, whereas SEO is building a position. Aside from brand new websites or seasonal campaigns, eCeltic advises a greater concentration on organic search, which has a significantly lower cost in the medium term.

Campaign Management

Unlike other marketing techniques, SEO is quantifiable, and that’s a huge benefit as a marketing channel. We prepare regular reports that make it easy to track campaign progress. eCeltic provide experienced and knowledgeable SEO campaign managers for each client project which ensures the campaign is cost-effective and results driven.

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