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Document Management

Manage documents easily-Save time and money:

The traditional way of storing and managing documents is losing popularity fast and smarter companies have started using online document management solutions. The idea behind using online document management for your business is simple. You save enormous amount of time, manage organization’s information efficiently with no fear of misplacing or losing a document and save money by curbing paper cost.

Save Environment and Money:

Paper cost can be completely eliminated with online document management solutions like eCeticDocs. Moreover, you play your part in providing an eco-friendly environment which is the need of the hour. eCelticDocs is a great endeavor towards protecting the environment by spreading the message of Going Green, Going Paperless.

Know what it does for you:

eCelticDocs , a scalable information portal helps you store, retrieve ,share, manage your company’s documents online. Unlike many other document management solutions, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any software installation. It offers a simple search functionality that helps you retrieve any documents in no time. You can store all types of documents such as accounts, sales and marketing materials, project documentation, legal, HR records, etc. You can access documents from any location as long as you have an internet connection.

Accessibility and Security:

Our document management software gives you full assurance that your documents are protected and are available 24/7, with professional product support year round. The security factor needs a special mention because as a business you need to store a lot of confidential data of financial and legal nature. The good news is eCelticDocs comes with 256-bit encryption for added protection of your data and can only be accessed if pre-authorized..It also offers some add on features like barcode readability, electronic signatures, Zone OCR, integration with other applications and many more.

Know what it guarantees:

Documents can be accessed from anywhere: office, home and outdoors on computers, laptops and mobile devices like iPad, iPhone , Android or wireless device. eCelticDocs guarantees increase in productivity and efficiency .It also guarantees excellent customer service  , improved relationships, client satisfaction, smiling employees and your peace of mind.