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e-Celtic CFMS

Product Description

e-Celtic CFMS is a web application designed to manage and enhance the maintenance system of any company through mobile, tablet or web devices


e-Celtic CFMS is a brand new management software for cleaning. The award-winning application is designed for facilities management companies. The software promises to increase efficiency by 37% and customer satisfaction by 100%. This unique maintenance tool is capable of automating the entire process of reporting based on historic data almost without any need of human interaction. The application comes with an intuitive and user friendly design so people with limited or no computer proficiency can effortlessly use this advanced cleaning tool. The tool facilitates tracking of all types of paperworks and ensures a smooth-running business. CMFS is a cross-platform web application and it plays a key role in retaining existing clients as well.


  • Clients can review the current status of the cleaning operation and the progress of the company in terms of cleanliness by using this tool.
  • Personal logins can also be assigned to employees and this web application will allow for modification of data according to the jobs assigned to them.
  • Supervisors can review the inputted data compared to a site audit
  • Management can also utilize this data to review and identify which aspects of business are making progress and which aspects are not.
  • The auditing system of the tool keeps record of cleaning hours and contracts and forwards the same to Sage, an integrated accounting system.
  • The tool can also store local data points and prevent loss of data due to internet connectivity issue


  • This web application helps increase time efficiency
  • This application helps increase productivity of the entire team
  • This tool also enhances efficiency of the management
  • This tool restructures workflow and ensures smooth-running of workprocess
  • Being an advanced cleaning application, it offers utmost ease in accessing reports