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Parish registers are crucial for retrieving information regarding generations of family belonging to the same parish. They are useful for storing baptisms, marriages and burials records. But with changing times it was important to hold back huge amount of records securely at any central place to restore it and also to make it easily accessible to the whole parish community across Europe. A platform is required to communicate with all within the parish community.


The Parish community goals were clearly defined. They want to interact with more people thus allowing more participation in the parish events. They want to increase the number of parishioners and the amount of donations to run parish more efficiently. All the latest news, church events, mass times, details of all primary and secondary schools, photo gallery were to be made available to the community.

e-Celtic’s SOLUTION

e-Celtic developed a common platform where all information were made easily available. A cost-effective website was built including details about the parish community. Here the parish members were able to relate through Newsletters, Events, Mass Times, recent Deaths, Marriages, Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations and even Reconciliation timings. The site developed for the community includes images of the church or recently held events, and options for donations online were provided. The calendar section lists all the events to be held in the near future.
The objective was to develop a portal to allow sharing of information across the community. With experience in dealing with Catholic parishes, e-Celtic provided the ultimate website at the reasonable cost of €995 including all the features. Options were made available for the parish community to create newsletters, print and distribute them across. Create your own blogs and share views with the parishes.