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Pharma Conex Ireland is a recruitment company launched in 2008 with an objective to provide the best candidates to the Pharmacy sector. Within short span it emerged to be among the frontrunner in the highly competitive market. For three years, the company has been providing cost-effective services within the healthcare industry catering to different public and private companies searching for permanent and temporary candidates. The need was to organize online recruitment facilities for Locum and other candidates.


It was indeed important for a company like Pharma Conex to develop a sound job creation and Management Application to assist clients and candidates acquire the best services. An interface, which would make job searching easier for candidate so they could apply it instantly, was surely challenging. It was equally important to develop a system so clients could reach the right candidate and recruit as soon as possible.


e-Celtic with its past experience in health management system was surely the first choice. The proposal was approved right away based on the following features to be incorporated in the system:

  • Job Application through Website: all jobs will be posted in the website. The candidate will be able to Apply for the job by registering to the system.
  • Job Application through E-mail: a specific email ID to be used for applying job and all information to be saved under a table.

Job Posting: job posting by the Pharmacy can be done either through Web Form or email. In case of web form, after the form is submitted, the jobs are published online and other social networking sites as well.


Thorough evaluation of the whole system is taken into consideration, and documentation is prepared on that basis. The entire process was framed to facilitate the pharmacy and candidate get to the right decision. Those assigned to the project worked on each and every aspect meticulously before integrating them to the system.

  • Creation of Jobs through Web Form, Email and/or Text.
  • Registration process of recruiting companies.
  • Locum Registration Process.
  • Job Application by means of Website and Email.
  • Vital process of choosing a candidate from the list of applied jobs.
  • Invoice generation, credit notes and Settlement list to the pharmacy.


As expected, the results were impressive as it benefitted all associated with Pharma Conex. It received overwhelming response from clients and candidates. The smart features integrated online brought in more revenues from Ireland and the UK.