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e-Celtic Docs


The idea was to build a more powerful online document management system that would change the way business is performed. e-Celtic Docs was on the way to develop a platform that would enable sharing of documents online with suppliers or clients. However, accomplishment of the task was easier said than done, as the company focused on developing a secure access of online documents via wireless or mobile devices.


Development of a hassle free and easy to access yet secure online document system was surely a tough ask for the company. The main task was to integrate all the factors and build a system that would effectively ease the burden of managing loads of documents in the office. The system should be such that SME could store it as back-up or even share when needed. Security was the highest priority since documents were also expected to be shared through mobile devices.


e-Celtic propelled in the right direction to make things possible during development of the online document system. The proposed solution was to build a robust system that would run effectively on PC and would help out mobile workers in accessing their documents while on move. e-Celtic proposed SSL 256 bit encryption to impart the ultimate security and confidentiality to business documents. The chief objective of the proposed solution was to provide business advantage through digital documents, for benefit of access from any location.


Implementation phase involved meticulous planning for the development of e-Celtic Docs. Time spent on deciding the interface of the software to make it user friendly, with easy understandability. The software built was devoid of any installation procedure in order to access the documents to make it more manageable by the users. Even creation and editing of documents was given importance. Searching options were advanced to reclaim saved document quickly. Features like uploading documents, creating folders, creation of work areas, team workspaces were made simpler.The platform was made compatible with mobile devices so that they could be availed from different location thus conforming to the ultimate business standard expected from such advanced online document management software.


  • Positive feedbacks from corporate and business firms.
  • More flexible interaction with clients.
  • Instant sharing of documents with clients, suppliers or staff.
  • Connecting with business documents on even while traveling.
  • Reduced hassles of dealing with paper based documents.
  • Preservation of documents in digital format.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.