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Facebook Application


IO is one of Ireland’s leading creative media agency offering both traditional marketing as well as digital marketing services. Their list of clients includes General Motors, City Jet, 11850, Triton Showers and Google.


IO approached us with the idea of creating a Facebook app to run a competition for one of their clients. The concept was simple, get people to nominate themselves or their friends to win a host of fun prizes every month. Other users will then vote for whoever they think should win.


The proposed solution was a Facebook App with a  clean, fun interface. The main functions of the app would be:

  • To nominate yourself
  • To nominate one of your friends
  • To vote for anyone who has been nominated and accepted that nomination

Every time a user does one of the above a notification is posted on their wall to encourage their friends to start using the app as well.

The solution also provided for an administration backend to be able to monitor the votes taking place and to run a report at the end of the month to determine the winners.


Php, fbml and mysql


The time-frame for this project was a very short one due to the fact that there was a TV campaign planned for the launch of the competition. Therefore it was imperative that the app would be launched on the agreed date.

A few days before going live Facebook announced some changes to their Apps Guidelines and many of these had an effect on the design of the app. Therefore together with IO we had to go back to the drawing board to see how we were going to avoid violating these guidelines. In the majority of cases we were able to find suitable workarounds which did not have a major impact on the functionality of the app.

Despite this set back and the tight deadline we were still able to deliver the app earlier than anticipated which resulted in the app going live a few days earlier for a round of beta testing.


The following are the results generated after the app was live for one month:

  • There is a like button on the app itself and over 2000 people have liked it.
  • The page now has over 1500 likes. This was 350 before the app went live.
  • Over 3000 votes posted.
  • Over 300 people were nominated.