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ERP implementation


e-Celtic Consulting Services is a leading software company based in Dublin with offices in different corners of the globe. Initially a software development company, with years of experience, the company forayed into search engine optimization and online marketing with tremendous success. The company specializes in Web 2.0 and SaaS applications to provide clients greater scalability to improve business solutions. e-Celtic aptly deals with e-commerce need of the clients to make business more flexible and reach out to more customers.


The rapid expansion of business around the globe necessitated the work process to be more organized across all levels. It was challenging to implement a system that would perform smoothly in all platforms and more importantly look after every aspect of the enterprise, for example customer relationship, human resource, accounting process and tracking projects. It was need of the hour to establish a full-proof system to enhance efficiency of the employees and consequently the company.


The proposed solution was to integrate an open source system for e-Celtic to rectify odds faced by the company after spreading out globally. Given the scenario, an open ERP integration would work fine for the company and will be able to increase flexibility of the work process. Features to be integrated in to the system are:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • HR (Human Resource) related issues
  • Project Management
  • Accounts Management

Add to that it would reduce cost burdens and considerably save time to focus on other aspects of business.


The installation of ERP software was done in two days by the IT staff but the crucial part was to import the old data into the new system. The integration and testing was done in order to check the compatibility of ERP software with the existing system. It’s important to verify whether the current business practices have a streamlined flow with the old one otherwise it might lead to major setback.

Basically it was ‘key-process’ implementation which allowed some applications to start then and there, and other features to be added as the company grows. After implementing it was important to train the employees to make them accustomed to the new system.


The following results were generated after the integration of Open ERP software:

  • ERP software provided immense flexibility once customized according to business specifics.
  • It reduced cost significantly since it is already an open source.
  • Enhanced Customer Relationship.
  • Better management of every aspects of the company.
  • Efficient project handling by the concerned staff.
  • Accounting process made easier.