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cloudComputing-300x300In the modern web 2.0 era Cloud Computing is the best way for business to save money, have faster, efficient and trouble free services through internet from across the globe. Being one of the topmost Cloud Computing Service Providers in Asia and Europe, we at e-Celtic offer cloud computing services to the clients within very cost effective packages and still maintain the quality of services at best.

As one of the first IT infrastructure providers to explore the cloud technology, and to set up robust and secure cloud infrastructure and partnerships, we are the cloud service provider of choice for you. We have our partnerships with very high end cloud infrastructure providers [Amazon EC2, S3 etc.] to offer you a comprehensive state-of-the-art cloud deployment.

e-Celtic can provide your organisation with reliable high-end cloud solutions which support a wide range of service requirements and are delivered in the most relevant way for your business (public, private or hybrid). Our global model means you have a consistent solution in all your operational locations and our local focus means you will receive a personalised service that delivers the next wave of cloud solutions around smart devices for your business.

Key Deliverables at e-Celtic

  • A Supervision Platform (Network Operation Centre) – allows advanced diagnostics, real time alerts and monitoring, simple set up and reporting.
  • Service Level Agreements and Premium Support – specially designed for the unique demands of business-critical cloud computing solutions to ensure availability and security.
  • 24×7 Centralized Support – ensures the highest quality service that is always available. Our professional staffs are committed to ensuring the fastest issue detection and resolution.
  • Virtual Data Centre – provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as an integral solution for storage, security, communications, monitoring, administration and backup.
  • Online Self-Provisioning and Management – You will have full control of your Virtual Data Centre. You make a request via the user portal which will be available in minutes with monitoring tools provided anytime and anywhere.
  • Choose a Service Consumption Model – You only pay for what you use. You can choose a flat rate to control your expenses or simply contract some virtual machines to support your business needs to improve efficiency and avoid unnecessary expenditure.
  • Commercial Flexibility – The modular format of our solutions means you can adapt to the changing needs of your business at any time.

Our Cloud Computing services:

Email on Cloud


Virtualized and Dedicated Managed Servers

image008Backup as a Service

image010Customized Security

image0122Data Protection and Business Continuity


We have proudly associated with our clients as their preferred cloud service provider. You may check out some of our cloud services to our clients:


If you are thinking about having a secure cloud service with customized functionality and support we are here for you, Contact our business development section to have our high end, secure cost effective solution for you.