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CRM Support and Implementation


In business environment customer is king. Be it internal or external, valuable customers are asset to any organization. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an application that helps an organization to take care of its current and future customers. CRM helps you centrally manage your sales, marketing, and interaction with customers. You’ll make better business decisions as you always have accurate and up-to-date customer information whether it is sales or service-related.e-Celtic is one of the leading open source CRM service provider since 2002. We have the complete CRM solution of Implementation, Development, Customization, Support and Maintenance at your need.

Choose e-Celtic CRM solution to get following benefits:
  • Decrease Customer Acquisition Cost : Our CRM data enables you to correctly identify your target audience and to focus all of the marketing efforts on that particular group of people.
  • Retain Customers : You get preferred business practice data for all your valued customers at one place. This helps you maintain and retain your customers easily.
  • Increase Sales: Analyzes current customer service practices and can be used to pinpoint shortcomings and areas that need improvement. Better customer service will ultimately result in a higher sales volume.
  • Increase efficiencies: Employees can access important information quickly and make efficient use at need.
  • Social CRM Integration : With Our CRM solution you can leverage a social element in your business to connect customer conversations and relationships from social networking sites in to the CRM process.
  • Better and more accurate data: Analytics and reporting allows the sales, marketing and customer service teams to work together and make improvements.
  • Data security: Our CRM solution gives you choice for securely manage your data with desired access control.
e-Celtic solution platforms:

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