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Database Management

image001Database management is one of the supreme concerns for your business. All of the information that your company possesses, including personnel and salary information and project-related data, needs to be properly organized & most importantly securely managed. By hiring a third party to perform tasks related to database management, you can be assured to focus on other important tasks related to the running the business.

We are one of companies known for providing secure and well maintained database management services for companies of all sizes using major database systems.

With e-Celtic Database Management solution you can

  • Trim down the cost of hiring professionals in your organization
  • Pay only for the services (Database maintenance tasks)
  • Focus more on your core competency without worries for database management
  • Get on demand services from the experts at very reasonable prices
  • Get all the benefits of the newly evolved technologies in the IT industry and databases
    Our Database Management Solutions

  • Oracle and MS SQL health check
  • Database Upgrade and Migrations
  • Database Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery for both Oracle and MS SQL
  • Remote Database Monitoring, Performance tuning
  • Database Maintenance
  • New Database Setup and Configuration
  • Database Users and Security Management