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e-Commerce Sites & Account integration

A great e-commerce ecosystem transforms monolithic vertically integrated organization to more dynamic multi-partner value chain. We offer you a revolutionary bank-neutral payment processor for online business from various parts of the globe. We are one of the largest payment gateway solutions provider giving you cost effective solutions, various payment acceptance modes along with a secure and strong technology platform. Our custom- made solutions make your website an Online Market Place, where anybody can logon, choose & buy from your Online Store in a Secure Payment Gateway environment.

With a bouquet of payment service offerings we facilitate
  • Merchants to sell their products online
  • Online payment collection
  • Online utility bills payments

Our association with some of the topmost names in the financial industry also reinforces this as a compelling and lucrative option for our business clients.

We offer numerous options to suite your requirements with acceptance of all the major credit cards including:

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We are here to serve your need. Please contact our business development team for our solution for you.