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Benefit of Open source software is manifold. It helps organizations to increase efficiency and competitiveness. But poor Open Source Software governance can expose organizations to potential quality and business risks. In order to protect themselves, organizations require a governance policy that covers each phase of the open source solution lifecycle.


e-Celtic is one of the leading open source governance consultation provider serving over thousand customers in four continents. We deliver end-to-end solution for the overall phases of open source adaptation, management, optimization & control.

Key benefit of e-Celtic OSS Governance:

Software Audit : Our teams of competent site auditors helps you to know where your solution stands in the market. The auditing services are designed after scrupulous research on rival solutions. Hence you get a better picture with metrics and analytics.  Read more…

Cost Effective : Our OSS Governance solution show you potential loopholes in your open source IT ecosystem and also gives efficient way to betterment. The result is the cost benefit and better ROI in long run.

We not only provide governance as service for software adaptation, we also maintain a strict internal governance policy. With e-Celtic you are sure to have the benefits of under mentioned business policies:

  • We make sure to update our software tools & technology to the latest version in time to give our valuable clients most updated solution.
  • We also make sure that our technical as well as functional people are properly trained to give nothing but the best to our clients.
  • At e-Celtic we maintain our financial & insurance credibility up to the international standard so that we are continued to become most trusted solution provider to our partners.
  • Our best practice to strictly non disclosure of any business terms outside intended persons keep us ahead of other solution providers.
  • We use only trusted and secure methodology in every step of our client interaction & data flow to give you a complete peace of mind.

To find more details about our OSS Consultancy solutions please contact our business development team.