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Open ERP

openerp_logoOpen ERP is open source business management software that provides host of integrated applications to manage business. Open ERP gives a single solution to all needs of small, medium and big enterprises. It has the flexibility for standalone as well as web based solutions. Open ERP has more than 1000 modules and is highly customizable to serve your business need.

Why choose Open ERP from e-Celtic?

Modular : Open ERP is highly modular. You can start with us with the bare essential module for your business. Later you may add more modules as per your need assuring benefit of one integrated solution.

Customizable : With the flexibility of Open ERP we give you a solution which is tailor made to your specific business need.

Cost Effective : Being open source Open ERP implementation costs you much less than the similar solutions from Microsoft, SAP or Oracle.

Comprehensive : Open ERP offers over a 1000 modules. We offer collaborative development with these functional modules and provide a solution to meet your business need.

User Friendly : Open ERP is very easy to use with much less training is needed to the users.

Key Open ERP Modules:

Sales: Sales module has full integration on managing sales quotations, sales orders, stores customers’ preference on pricing, billing, payment terms and other sales processes in details. It also benefits in having sales report in a few click.

CRM : This module has key features of managing leads, setting marketing communications, customizing sales cycle, controlling statistics and forecasts, following up quotations and sales order etc.

Account and Finance : It has a smart user interface that maintain and record all the financial workflow like sales integration, purchase integration, multi-level analytic accounting from one place. It also features multi company, multi currency with real time consolidation with multi level access rights.

Human Resource : Provides an easy way of managing all the human resource management activities of recruitment, selection, attendance, expense, leave, payroll and other personnel management in efficient way.

Project Management : Helps in efficient management of project planning with customer collaborations, task scheduling and synchronizing. Also facilitates in on demand report generation and issue management.

Warehouse Management : This module has a double entry inventory system invented by Open ERP that allow user to manage complex task of stock tracking, accounting link with full traceability with multi warehouse environment. It has full integration with Purchase, Sales, Operations and Accounting information.

Purchase Management : This is the module to easily manage purchase related activities like purchase orders, supplier information, inventory management and valuation, claim management, purchase analytic accounting, costing methods to follow in real time.

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