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Software Development Services

image001Custom Software development services to ensure the growth of your Business:
Now that the “out of the box” software packages fail to meet the increasingly complex IT needs of your business, it’s high time to resort to the best custom software development company. Our software developer will do the brainstorming and make the best use of the problem-solving reasoning to offer custom software development solutions to drive the growth of your business.

e-Celtic is a reputed company that provides Software Development in Ireland. The Software Development Company boasts more than a decade of experience and hundreds of successful projects pertaining to software development in Dublin across major platforms of software development such as .NET, C/C++, Java, iOS, PHP and Android. Regardless of whether you have an already established business or your business is a budding one our software developer will provide you with relentless assistance during all stages software development in Dublin: right from generating concepts and analyzing business needs to complete software development solution.

e-Celtic, your companion for Software Development in Ireland

e-Celtic can be your business companion to fulfill your software development needs. Our software developer not only excels in software development in Dublin but also has expertise in agile development practices to provide high quality and cost-effectives software development services well within deadline. When working with our software developer, you can rest assured of the following advantages;

  • Proficient service during the entire Software Development span that include design, architecture, software development, integration, quality check and testing
  • Competency and experience across various paradigms and technology platforms
  • Accelerated software development in Dublin by using ready-to-integrate tools, code, methods, and reusable frameworks

e- Celtic provides a plethora of services for custom software development in Dublin:

Custom software development
At e-Celtic, we are not only known for offering customized software development solution, but also for providing to business setbacks. Being a ruling software development company, we have won the faith of the biggest brands in the world and have taken software development in Ireland to another level.

UX Design and Prototyping
Since user experience is a very significant factor, it can potentially lift or ruin your business endeavors. Our software developer ensures that the usability of final UI is high across different platforms and devices.

Software Development of Product
A successful software product developed for commercial purpose must cater to diverse needs of user and thus it is not similar to typical software products. Once you tap into our expertise of software development, our software developers will craft a customized software product to leave your audience highly impressed.

Principles of Software Development at e-Celtic

  • Agile approach that is iterative and low-risk: Our software developer makes rapid and complex software development possible. Our developers also handle dynamic requirements efficiently and focus on improving the overall quality of the software product.
  • Top priority for user-friendliness and usability: Our software developer will ensure that your software is intuitive, straightforward and allows for easy navigation.
  • Security of information and data: Being a reputed software development company, we apply strict security measures for the software products our developers build to safeguard your portal from risks like cross-site scripting attacks and SQL injections.
  • Flawless backend integration: Our developers are well versed with complex backend integration. As eminent software Development Company we strive to ensure the scalability and speed of your backend.

Why should e-Celtic be your chosen software Development Company?

e-Celtic , being a leading software development company uses established IT processes and structured methodologies to minimize cost, risk and complexities associated with software development services.

In a nutshell, our adept software developer can ensure that our software development services suit your business requirements and fulfill your expectations.

By providing the best service when it comes to software development in Ireland, we ensure that you overcome all your business challenges without having to compromise with speed, quality and budget.

Our Development Services:

Bespoke Application: Your distinct business workflows need Bespoke Application to meet all your custom requirements which no standard application can provide. e-Celtic is involved in bespoke application development for its 1,000+ satisfied clients across 4 continents. Each of our bespoke application has a proven track record to offer flexibility, risk management and cost benefits to your business. Read more…

ERP Solutions: ERP software helps to integrate & automate varying business processes. As we know every organization has its unique needs, our ERP solutions are specifically designed to meet the different business structures. Our ERP solutions are exclusively made with competence to hold out the complexity of the global market. Read more…

CRM Solutions: Customer Relationship Management is an application that helps an organization to take care of its current and future customers. CRM helps you centrally manage your sales, marketing, and interaction with customers. e-Celtic is one of the leading open source CRM service provider since 2002. We have the complete CRM solution of Implementation, Development, Customization, Support and Maintenance at your need. Read more…

Document Management Solution: We offer e-CelticDocs , a high performance and intuitive Document Management Solution for enterprise document management to small and mid-sized companies. . eCelticDocs has been designed with the core focus of absolute simplicity with secure access for document creation, modification, search and retrieval. Read more…

Enterprise Content Management: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a set of tools and strategies focused on managing an organization’s unstructured information and enable you to effectively capture, manage and access all your information. Our Open source CMS is a flexible, easy to use Content Management System (CMS) that is great help to content managers who need to update their content frequently with minimal effort. Read more…

e-Commerce Solution: A great e-commerce ecosystem transforms monolithic vertically integrated organization to more dynamic multi-partner value chain. We offer you a revolutionary bank-neutral payment processor for online business from various parts of the globe. Read more…

To know details about our development services, please contact our business development team.