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vtiger logo color 49pxhvTiger is an open source Customer Relationship Management application with equivalent functionality to popular and leading open source CRM application. vTiger also offers some useful functionalities as free in comparison to the competitors.

Key Features of vTiger CRM
  • Email Marketing : Target, build, and send beautiful, relevant campaigns & emails to your leads and customers that drive action in just 4 steps.
  • Project Management : Project creation, task assignments, easy file management and progress track with ease.
  • Customer Portal : Create tailored customer portal for professionalized customer experience. Maintain channel of communication, share records and files, create customer service requests for more professional case management.
  • Calendar & Task Management : Use calendar to create, assign, and manage tasks and events associated with opportunities, customers, cases, or other records. Set calendar visibility between employees and managers, and configure event alerts, from in-window pop-ups to emails.
  • Reporting : Create customized records from any data field of any record or export the data via CSV or XLS for further analysis.
  • Document & File Management : Store and organize files, associate files with opportunities, projects, or other records, and disseminate files directly through emails.
  • Teams & Access Control : Control the organizational hierarchy and team structures, access various CRM areas and see, edit, and delete records.

We, at e-Celtic offer you cost effective CRM solutions based on vTiger which would cater the need of small to mid-sized organizations. Our experienced team of functional and technical consultants serves you for complete vTiger services as follows

Set-Up    |    Customization    |    Integration    |    Module Development    |    Maintenance

Call us to know how our Business Development Team can enhance your sales and marketing workflow with vTiger CRM integration.