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Web strategy


Need the right expertise for software development?

In today’s web 2.0 era your website is the first interaction place to your customers. It is the representative of your organisation in global web space. So your website plays an important role in converting probable leads to your customers. e-Celtic is an complete web solution provider caters every aspects of your efficient web presence. Our consultants and developers mix right methodology and technology that suite your business workflow. We have provided web solution to 1000 + happy and satisfied customers in America, Europe and over the globe.

Building and implementing a successful web policy is a process of many steps. We are giving you the key aspects for our complete web solution:

Online Strategy: A well thought work always has advantage in implementation. Our consultants make detailed analyses of the width and depth of your requirements. Result is the optimum strategy for your problem with right technology, methodology, media, content, to marketing, branding & positioning.

Content Strategy: Different people favor different things in a website. Our proficient web development team chooses the right mix of contents that not only go with the theme of your business but provide the right balance of contents that suit the need of your target customers.

User Persona: Defining the target users of your website is very important. We help you in detailed demographic analysis of the users that give you best business.

Messaging: Carefully selected content and design by our expert web development team deliver the right messages that you want to convey to your users.

Positioning: A product or service doesn’t succeed unless meet the right customer. We make detailed analysis to find where, how and to whom your web site should address to. With the optimum positioning you get a competitive advantage that helps you succeed in your goal.

Branding: We are a leader in online marketing. With our globally recognized SEO & SMO techniques we take your web marketing & brand visibility to a new height.

User Journey: Making only content heavy or eye-catching or information-flooded website does not guarantee your web success. We give you a web solution where your user gets involved with the flow of design & content of your website.

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OpenERP & SugarCRM Integration

Get Open Source Enterprise Resource & Content Management Solution

Enterprise systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for Small, Medium or Large industries are very useful for industrial resource optimization. eCeltic provides complete solution catering to CRM & ERP need of different business verticals. Our integrated solution service have diffrent stages to give you most efficient solution.Requirements Analysis
Our business analysts work closely with the client to map the workflow of the company and the exact requirements.

Custom business process design and automation
Once a detailed understanding has been attained of the business processes, our cross-discipline team methodically examine how the introduction of technology could aid the company’s bottom line. This cost-benefit analysis is an iterative process that undergoes many revisions.

CRM / ERP Customisation
Once a detailed understanding has been attained of the business operations, our cross-discipline team methodically examine how the introduction of technology could aid the company’s processes. This cost-benefit analysis is an iterative process that undergoes many revisions.

Integration of CRM/ERP with other applications
eCeltic has experience of integrating new enterprise systems with legacy systems and making them communicate seamlessly. Whether it is an accounts package, document management system or HRM system, all can be customised to work in sync.

24/7 Technical Support
If you have a global business or one that operates on a 24/7 business, then you want an IT company who is too. eCeltic work around the clock to make sure we are just a phone call away from solving any system problems.

Bespoke Application Development

Get a complete database solution and advanced software development

e-Celtic is one of the leading backend partners for companies who are always seeking for bespoke software development, SEO and database solutions.

Since launching in 2002, our mission has been to deliver certainty and quality in our work to achieve sustained advantage for our 1,000+ clients across 4 continents. Headquartered in Dublin, the company employs in excess of 70 staff, offering local reliability with global delivery distributed over four offices. The experience and knowledge of our team ensure that we are side by side of the latest technologies to best recommend you on implementation, strategies and approaches.

We are involved in bespoke application development for its different customers across the categories like manufacturing, healthcare, HR, education and finance, legal and sports. e-Celtic understands and has imbibed the skills that is needed for the proper execution of a bespoke application development project. Each of our bespoke application developer is trained with a proven track record and offer flexibility, risk management and cost benefits to your business through bespoke application development.

We specialise in bespoke application development and provide world class software products. We now have several products that we are actively providing to clients in a very diverse range of sectors. Some of these now form almost separate entities in themselves part of the wider e-Celtic group.

  • PRMS
  • PRLinkR
  • Parish Accounts
  • e-Minutes

We are all aware of the fact that the success of a bespoke application development can be judged only on the basis of the completion of the requirements which is gathered.e-Celtic brings you the best process to work for your bespoke application development in order to reduce the development period and the cost.

Our bespoke application development solutions comprise of software development and web development services such as:

  • Custom Software Development in Microsoft & Open Source Technologies
  • Bespoke application development for specific business processes.
  • Software Design
  • Agile Methodology
  • Software Programming
  • Software Applications Development
  • Software Consulting
  • Web Development in Open Source (LAMP) or Microsoft technologies
  • Mobile Application Development for Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.
What can we do for you?
  • Optimize ROI from new, aging and legacy software application systems
  • Bespoke application development can increase your online marketingreach when integrated with web-enabled applications
  • Process-oriented development that ensures methodical approach
  • Bespoke application development address gaps in the applicationsfunctionality provided by commercial packaged
  • With bespoke application development you can address specific business processes unique to your business or to your client

Social and Mobile Application

Eceltic develops various types of custom business and database Application.Most of them are running successfully on the customer end. One of the applications is running on Textile Recycling Company, Ireland.
Eceltic has developed a relational Microsoft Windows desktop application for Textile Recycling Company of Ireland. The database we are using is My-SQL and the frontend is in Visual Basic 6.0 (VBA). The database is used to collect data using different form and generate details report based on the collected data. It allows Textile Recycling Company to collect and archive data so as to query and analyze information from our programs in new ways.
Application Architecture
Almost all of a user’s interaction with TR Project is through forms. Forms are the primary device for allowing user interaction with data. They are the most visible and heavily used application element. Forms are the gateway to data records, provide the mechanism for displaying switchboard menus and selection dialogs, and are used to provide programmable class objects.
We have developed the application using Single Document Interface (SDI) paradigm. TR project present the user with one form at a time and a clear path forward and backward between related records and forms. We have not found a compelling need for users to compare different sets of data at the same time on a single screen.
TR Project does not provide the everyday user with access to the Database window. Instead, users navigate from form to form, occupying a very restrictive and well-defined application universe. Our preferred user-interface model directs users through forms one by one, or at least limits them to some small, manageable group of related forms at the same time. The penalties for not following this model include the following:

  • Users could enter dependent data out of sequence. For example, they might try to enter child records before parent records.
  • Users could open multiple forms that point to the same record, introducing possible record-locking challenges.
  • Users could open too many forms at the same time, impacting application performance or losing track of their workflow.
  • Users could keep multiple unsaved records open, usually by minimizing forms on the desktop without saving their edits. This situation would prevent other users from seeing current data.
  • Users could lock records, usually by minimizing forms that have edited records in an unsaved state (depending on the form’s locking model). This scenario would potentially lock other users out of specific records for an unreasonable amount of time.

By enforcing only permitted behavior and events, users are guided through the application in a friendly and logical manner. The TR Project user-interface model includes the following components:

  • A main menu form enables users to navigate to the various features of the application.
  • Toolbars and menu options aid navigation, but do not include any built-in Access options that are dangerous to the specific application.
  • Forms that open in a single-instance modal state create a simplified environment in which the user performs one task at a time.
  • A controlled data mode provides a filtered recordset with the ability to add, edit, browse, and delete selectively within the recordset, as appropriate to the context.
  • Keystroke trapping provides form and record navigation. PR Project doesn’t assume that users always navigate with a mouse.
  • Forms have all types of validation checking.
  • A clear path to navigate enables users to move forward and backward between application elements. The application establishes and enforces order in the workflow.

Based on the collected data, the application can build various types of report. Report can be day wise, month wise, quarterly or yearly depending upon customer’s choice. User can export the report in pdf of excel and can print accordingly.