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Software development method has long been done in traditional predictive model. But today’s changing nature of technology, business challenges as well as client requirement calls for something more. e-Celtic uses modern Agile methodology to solve the problem. It is a group of iterative and incremental development method where each project is grouped into little phases and developed by self organizing & cross functional groups in a time-boxed adaptive approach. The main advantage of this method is that is highly flexible to changes in the requirements in quick timeframe.


We mainly adapt Scrum method in Agile methodology. A key principle of Scrum is that it addresses  the customer requirement churn with empirical approach that cannot be easily  addressed in a traditional predictive or planned manner. It helps us in  maximizing team’s ability to deliver quickly and respond to emerging  requirements. Our Scrum flow is given below:


Key Advantages of Agile Methodology

  • Efficient collaboration of Self-organizing teams
  • Rapid delivery of software
  • Welcomes change in requirements, even late in development phase
  • Sustainable development that help in maintaining a constant pace
  • Close cooperation between Client, Management and Developers
  • Continuous monitoring for good design and technical excellence
  • Simplicity

To find more about our methodologies please contact our business development team.